Practice Areas

Marriage Law

We offer lawful consultancy for court marriage where we give the couple amazing recommendations with respect to the marriage.

Bail Law

Bails are cash or as often as possible, a bail bond that is set up for the suspect to enable the person in question to stay free until the finish of the case.

Divorce Law

The legitimate procedure of separation relies on the sort of separation. In the event that a separation is challenged, it could take over a year for the union with being broken down.

Criminal Law

Deepak Sharma and Associates is a law office in Delhi. We have a group of Committed Top Criminal Lawyers in Delhi. We had taken care of many and different kinds of a criminal case and won also.

Property Law

Property Cases in Court May Take Too quite a bit of your significant time to get it settled or even it can give to your next Generations and to its next Generations, etc.

Employment Law

Work Law is typically yet incorrectly comprehended as the law that oversees a specific sort of relationship, in particular, the relationship of (subordinate) business.

Drug Offenses

Making controlling or circulating medications might be unlawful, contingent upon the kind of medication and measure of stash.

Sexual Offenses

The law that has been named sexual offenses are unmistakable.You need a criminal defense attorney who has experience defending against sex crimes charges.

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